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Saturday, August 12, 2006

A striking act of witness by an Anglican leader

From the BBC:

The Archbishop of York [second after Canterbury in the Church of England] is embarking on an act of "public witness" to encourage peace in the Middle East. Dr John Sentamu [the first black African archbishop in England] will forgo his holiday in Salzburg, Austria, in order to camp inside York Minster for a week.

The archbishop hopes people will join him in prayer and fasting for peace between Israel and Lebanon, and good community relations in the UK. Dr Sentamu will lead prayer every hour for seven days and will be sleeping in the Minster. He said: "This act is a rallying call to people of all faiths and none, to encourage them to feel that there is something that can be done."

"The UN has a role, diplomacy has a role and our government has a role to play in bringing this conflict to an end. But we as people also have a role to play in showing our common humanity with all those who are suffering." Dr Sentamu is urging people to give up a meal and donate the money to charities that are working in the crisis region.