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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Alexander McCall Smith meets the New York Times

For those who love the adorable Alexander McCall Smith (I wish I knew him well enough to call him Sandy as his friends do) and all his works, the New York Times offers him in a new format. He is now writing a sort of blog for the paper, and the link is

In order to read this, you have to become a TimesSelect member, but it is well worth it for many reasons, not least of which is Mr. Smith's "Adventures of an Itinerant Scotsman." To my surprise, he lets us see that he has a serious side. He writes most movingly, with his own special touches, of the sadness in the world. For instance, on New Year's Eve he writes of the losses of the year past:

"And we have lost a lot. We have lost freedoms. We have lost trust between nations and between peoples. There is a great cloud of anxiety that has welled up in our lives: anxiety of our own making and of the making of others, for two hands are often required to stir that brew."

I will be reading this funny and wise man's blog as often as I can.