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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

God on the march in Zimbabwe? still continued

There is very little news about Zimbabwe in the US, but since the country used to be called Rhodesia, the BBC follows developments there with considerable interest. It seems to me that this is potentially one of the great stories of Christian resistance of our time. I may be wrong, of course, but we need to remember the great biblical prototypes to give us hope and confidence in God's future.

In any case, these brave Zimbabwean resisters deserve our admiration and respect. The Roman Catholic Church, perhaps mindful of its institutional failure in Rwanda, is taking the lead. Unfortunately, the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe is apparently sitting on the sidelines (not that the Anglicans distinguished themselves in Rwanda either).

Sunday, April 08, 2007

God on the march in Zimbabwe? continued

It would be a great thing if the Christian Church in Zimbabwe could join the ranks of Solidarity in Poland, the anti-apartheid movement, the Civil Rights movement, the Velvet Revolution, etc...Sadly, it is only the Roman Catholics so far who are mounting this resistance. The Anglicans, according to this article, are being timid. Here is the latest link, for Easter Day.

A significant new article about evangelicals in America

Frances Fitzgerald, the highly regarded journalist and writer (Pulitzer-Prize-winning Fire in the Lake, about Vietnam) may not be a practicing Christian, but she brings her finely honed analytical skills to bear in an article signaling the potentially revolutionary recent developments in American evangelicalism. She makes a few mistakes, and she might have talked to more people (it would have been interesting if she had interviewed evangelicals within the mainlines), but on the whole it is a remarkably even-toned, careful, insightful--perhaps even sympathetic piece. It's in the new issue of The New York Review of Books.
Here's the link: