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Monday, March 31, 2008

A heroic young Christian in the Amazon

Tarcisio Feitosa da Silva is one of the people I most admire in the field of social activism today. A native of the Amazon River region, he fights and organizes and challenges mighty corporate interests "to keep the forest standing." He knows that he might be shot and killed at any time, like Sister Dorothy Stang before him.

An article in The New York Times describes his Christian faith (rare for that newspaper!). He describes himself as devoted to living "a Christian life, by Christian principles, as a Christian citizen" and to the Church itself. "To me, my faith is something essential."

"I go to Mass every Sunday at 6:30 in the afternoon," he said to the reporter. "If someone wants to kill me, they know the route."

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And if you Google him you will find photos and a video.