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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A great woman with a great legacy

This is a four-year-old obituary, but it's wonderful. I just found it in an old to-file folder. It's for the marvellous Mary McGrory who was a columnist for the Washington Star and Post for fifty years (she died in 2004). Listen to this:

In 1998, when accepting the National Press Club's Fourth Estate Award, Ms. McGrory described her view of a Mary McGrory column. ''No great men call me,'' she said, proudly. ''You know who calls me? Losers. I am their mark.'' She added, ''If you want to abolish land mines, if you want to reform campaign spending'' or ''if you want to save children from abuse, or stupid laws, or thickheaded judges, you have my telephone number.''

''All the places of little hope, that's my constituency,'' she said.

Link to the whole obituary: