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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Savage nature, savage man

From The New York Times, July 5:

Speaking at the Élysée Palace with Mr. Sarkozy later on Friday, before a reception for her family and supporters, Ingrid Betancourt said... she walked perhaps 200 miles a year. “I walked with a hat pulled down over my ears because all sorts of things fall on your head, ants that bite you, insects, lice, ticks, with gloves because everything in the jungle bites, each time you try to grab on to something so that you don’t fall, you’ve put your hand on a tarantula, you’ve put your hand on a thorn, a leaf that bites, it’s an absolutely hostile world, dangerous with dangerous animals,” she said. “But the most dangerous of all was man, those who were behind me with their big guns.”

[And by the way, this is the generic "man" because in one of the photos of the hostages, there is clearly depicted a woman FARC guerrilla with a big gun.]