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Friday, October 24, 2008

God on the move in Zambabwe: church women on the front lines

During the past two or three years I have posted several messages (in Tips and Ruminations) about Zimbabwe. The image of the women praying in the rain stays with me. The Lord has not been deaf to their prayers. The October 18 New York Times has an article about the nonviolent uprising of the church women of Zimbabwe under the unlikely leadership of a brave, bawdy high-school dropout, Jenni Williams. She is the granddaughter of an IRA man, who came to prospect for gold in what was then Rhodesia, and his African common-law wife. Jenni's nonviolent movement is called Woza (Women of Zimbabwe, Arise!) and it was nurtured in Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and Apostolic churches. "If we force Mugabe out, it will be the women who are his undoing," said a male leader of the farmer's resistance movement.

Jenni looks very white, but the Woza women call her Ma Moyo and look to her for courage. Don't miss this article! Here is the link:
From Underground, Leading a March for Democracy
Published: October 17, 2008