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Friday, January 08, 2010

Bono's thoughts for the 2010s

I knew that Bono was intelligent, engaged, respected, etc. But I did not know he could do anything like this:

Two sections of Bono's proposals were particularly striking for me:

1) The paragraphs on the 2010 World Cup (soccer) in South Africa, especially in view of Invictus, the must-see movie about the Springbok victory in the 1995 World Cup (rugby), nurtured into being by Nelson Mandela who is unforgettably portrayed by Morgan Freeman.

2) the section "Viva la (Nonviolent) Revolucion," which in just a few words by Bono conveys a sense of the ideas in The Unconquerable World, a most arresting book by Jonathan Schell, and A Force More Powerful, the television documentary about the rise of "people power" and nonviolent revolt in the 20th century. I have just finished a chapter on this subject for my forthcoming book, and echo Bono's hope that the Palestinians "will find their Gandhi, their King, their Aung San Suu Kyi."