Generous Orthodoxy  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Murder of a gay man in Uganda

News has just arrived of the murder of Uganda's leading gay activist.

I have long been a "moderate" on the subject of homosexuality and its place in the order of creation, but this strikes me as a watershed event for the Christian church, especially for evangelicals. Regardless of whether the motive was actually robbery, regardless of the exact role played by a group of visiting American evangelicals in Uganda, regardless of the disclaimers issued by various spokesmen from the churches of Uganda, regardless of the factor of gays' names and faces being published in a Ugandan paper, commmitted Christians everywhere need to demand that our brothers in Christ, the leaders of evangelical Christianity in Uganda (and elsewhere), must make it absolutely clear that persecution, oppression, and defamation of one's fellow human beings, not to mention murder, are abominations in the sight of God. No matter where one stands on the question of same-sex marriage and all the issues associated with it, there can be no half-heartedness on this matter, no holding back, no temporizing.

The integrity and authority of the gospel is at stake here.