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Friday, December 14, 2012

Shooting little children

I went immediately this morning to the Wikipedia entry for the Dunblane, Scotland massacre (1996) -- eighteen five- and six-year-olds and their teacher, dead by gunshot. The gunman shot himself when he had finished.

The United Kingdom took action against guns after this event. Here is a link to a news release this morning from England's Daily Mail:

Be sure to scroll down to the photo of the children of Dunblane. That tells the story.

How long, O Lord, will it be until the United States comes to its senses? The gun lobby suggested, after the movie-house massacre in Aurora, Colorado, that if there had been people packing handguns in the theater, the killer might have been stopped. Yeah, sure. Let's arm all our elementary school teachers and give them police training and send them out to the shooting range every weekend for target practice.

Unfortunately, Newtown will not be a good case study because Connecticut has strict gun laws, and the guns used by Adam Lanza were legally owned by his mother and were registered.

P.S. Andy Murray, the tennis player, was a pupil in the Dunblane school on that terrible day and remembers hiding under a desk. Maybe he will come to help the surviving children in Newtown.