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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Superb commentary on Newtown and the problem of evil

Three different people have sent me a link to the Ross Douthat column written just after the Newtown massacre. This brilliant "conservative" (wrong word, as usual) writer has more theology in his little finger than most of the "liberal" (also the wrong word) graduates of mainline seminaries have in their whole bodies. And from within that well-grounded point of view, he has a subtle and unflinching view of the problem of evil that rivals that of David B. Hart, author of The Doors of the Sea, the widely praised little book on that subject. Indeed, if I were to recommend just two books right now, it would be Hart's as well as Douthat's Bad Religion.

(The only thing in Douthat's article that I would take exception to is his mention of "free will." That's a little disappointing in a man who appears to have read Augustine and Barth.)

Here's the link: