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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Garrison Keillor on the election

If you are feeling defeated by the election results and are a GK fan (admittedly he is not for everyone), this will help you feel just a tad better:

(For a more biblical reflection, see also my previous post re Peggy Noonan.)

I have spent the day taking a very, very long walk to see the leaves that still remain (quite a lot of them, actually), refilling the bird feeders, reading Bleak House (Keillor's recommendation of Austen would be good too), and tonight, binge-watching The Crown. But I can't keep doing this for the next two months, let alone the next four years.

I am too depressed to write anything further at present...but will pass along the consoling assurance of the Psalmist which a dear friend in Ontario, Peter Hoytema, sent to me on the morning of November 9. He took the photo himself.